Lead Law Compliance

Maine Lead Disclosure Law

“An Act To Protect Maine Citizens from Lead Hazards that Harm Maine Children and Families” (Chapter 339, H.P. 1077–L.D. 1532)

To read this law, go to: www.maine.gov/dhhs/ehu

To view and/or print a copy of the federal pamphlet “Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home” click HERE

For specific questions for EPA’s New England office, call EPA staff at 617-918-1750. Visit EPA’s website at www.epa.gov/lead.

Where To Find Certified Lead-based Paint Risk Assessors, Inspectors, Abatement Contractors and Laboratories Accredited for Lead Sample Analysis.

HUD maintains a listing of certified firms and recognized laboratories for every state. The listing also includes accredited providers of training in lead-based paint activities. You can access the Lead Listing on the Internet at www.leadlisting.org or by telephone toll-free at 1-888-LEADLIST. This information is also available from the National Lead Information Center at 1-800-424-LEAD, and it also includes a list of accredited providers of training in lead-based paint activities.

For More Information:
If you want copies of the lengthy regulation or have general questions, you can call the National Lead Information Center at (800)-424-LEAD, or TDD (800) 526-5456 for the hearing impaired. You can also download the regulation and other educational materials at www.hud.gov/lead

For further information, you may call HUD at (202) 755-1785, ext.104, or e-mail HUD at [email protected] [email protected] .

FORM: Renovation Notice (Regarding Renovation, Maintenance of Repair That May Create Paint Dust in a Dwelling Unit or Common Area)

For more information, view the complete Lead Law Compliance Information in Adobe PDF format. The Adobe PDF viewer is available for free from Adobe’s website.