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Welcome to the Maine Apartment Owners and Managers Association! MAOMA has two affiliated local
landlord/manager chapters throughout Maine.The goal of MAOMA and its affiliates is to help our members
succeed in the business.

  • We lobby in the state legislature for fair landlord/tenant laws.
  • We introduce  and support bills for the benefit of landlords.
  • We educate and inform our members and the public as to new laws and procedures.
  • We inform landlords of new and old time, cost and other issues which will enhance their business.
  • We provide cost savings through our significant buying power.

This website has public and private areas: you must be a member to access the private areas.


When you join a local MAOMA-affiliated landlord chapter, you automatically become a MAOMA member as well. Click here to join one of the MAOMA-affiliated chapters.

If you have already joined one of MAOMA’s affiliate chapters, you may fill out and submit the form below. Someone
will review the information submitted and activate your account shortly thereafter.

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MAOMA lobbyist and MAOMA representatives – are active in proposing and defending key pieces of legislation that
affect our industry. We scan a large volume of legislative documents written each year and stand up and lobby for
the issues that most affect you the landlord. We inform and educate our state legislators with the goal of making
state landlord/tenant laws practical to work with and fair to all. MAOMA lets you know what is being proposed and
what laws are being passed or amended. We participate so that your voice is heard.

Comprehensive Maine Eviction Manual – produced by the Greater Portland Housing Association and edited by David
Chamberlain, Esquire, of Ainsworth & Thelin, P.A. of South Portland – a great reference source – tells you what
you need to know, but is not a substitute for legal advice. Contact MAOMA for special member price.

Maine Landlord-Tenant Statutes And Commentaries – “Maine Landlord-Tenant Relations, Process and Procedures” -by Neil
S. Shankman, Esquire and David J. Van Baars, Esquire of Shankman & Associates Legal Center of Lewiston,
Brunswick and Yarmouth – published by Neil S. Shankman, Esquire and Maine Real Estate Managers Association – a
comprehensive overview of all aspects of Maine landlord-tenant law. Not to be used as a substitute for the advice of
a lawyer. Contact MAOMA for special member price.

Informative Members only access web-site – with links to local MAOMA affiliated chapters, Legislative documents and
issues, Our Pledge, Timely Tips, MAOMA members and links to many other web-sites of interest to Maine landlords.

A state-wide board of directors – dedicated to the interests of Maine apartment owners and managers.

Discounted prices through group buying power. Many MAOMA affiliates offer deep discounts on heating oil and on other
supplies, plus access to discounts from area merchants. MAOMA is working on statewide plans, as well.

Rental forms – available through several of our affiliated chapters.
Meetings and seminars – that are both educational and afford members occasions to share their expertise with others.

For additional member benefits, visit the web sites of our affiliated chapters.

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